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Viewpoints: Coalition Building

Try searching for “FTM Resources” in any internet search engine; you will spend a lifetime scrolling through page after page about testosterone, clothing, mentoring, local and international groups, youtube videos…

It’s wonderful that we, as a community, have such an active and vocal presence on the internet. However, I have noticed that many of us take a “lone wolf” approach to providing resources. That is to say, we make our websites, our youtube pages, our tumblrs, and do our own thing, adding to the exhaustive list of resources available to transguys. Unfortunately, this mentality silences a number of us, simply by the sheer number and volume of voices already speaking. Imagine it this way: you’re in a room, surrounded by 200 people, all speaking at the same time, about a similar topic. Whose voice will you hear? And is that voice going to address your needs effectively?

We, as a community, need to shed the lone wolf mentality, and come together. We need to work together to share our knowledge, resources and stories, rather than doing so as individuals. And, in my opinion, we need to build coalitions, together, to help our community in the most effective ways possible. We all have the same goal: to help our community, and share our knowledge. We should never lose sight of that goal.

With this in mind, The Primer, has teamed up with The Self Made Men, to provide a more comprehensive resource to the Trans-masculine community. I believe that this coalition, between The Primer and The Self Made Men is not only natural, but will help Transmen find the resources they need, quickly and efficiently.

So, why the Self Made Men? Quite simply, I believe the team working at TSMM has similar goal in mind: to help Transmasculine identified individuals on their journey, from the everyday challenges, to the milestones that will define our lives. I believe TSMM understands that no two journeys will be the same, but works to cover as much information as possible, to assist a wide variety of identities within the Transmasculine spectrum.

So, welcome to the new Primer, a contributor with the Self Made Men! Take a look around, and stay tuned for updates. As always, please feel free to ask questions, or discuss anything you see posted here.

Cheers – Mason


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