“What kind of man will you be?”

Many young men hear this question as they mature, from their parents, their family, even in their own introspective reflections. As a child, I had dreams of growing up to be a true chivalrous gentleman: a handsome mix of Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, James Bond, and just a splash of Sir Lancelot. What can I say, I aimed high.

The problem (or problems, as there were many) was that, according to society, I would never be a gentleman. I was on the opposite side of the binary spectrum, and expected to mature into a young lady, complete with legs crossed and the ankle, elegant gowns and feminine pursuits. Never the gentleman, always the lady.

Now, in my late twenties, I have begun to realize that my dreams of the gentlemanly arts are not dead. As I travel through my transition, I am rediscovering my hopes to become a gentleman. As a child, I spent many years in a dress and gloves, thanks to Cotillions; now I am looking at those lessons from the other side of the coin, and with a bit more of a queer, alternative (sometimes Steampunk) twist.

I am still learning the ins-and-outs of masculinity, with a gentlemanly twist, and, through this blog, I hope to learn even more.

About Mason

A little bit about me: I’m a Trans-identified, queer, Jewish, lawyer, living in Northern New England. I came out as Trans in 2005, and began using “T” in 2011.  I don’t identify as 100% male or 100% female: rather, I identify as a third sex, that is just….me. I do, however, prefer masculine or gender neutral pronouns (“they”). I’m mostly masculine, or at least my own version of masculine, with an “olde time” flair. I enjoy historical reenactment (big surprise), backpacking, camping, reading, horseback riding, history, Celtic music, interior design, fashion, and spending time with my lovely wife. In the end, I’m just me! If you want to know something more specific, don’t hesitate to ask.

  1. I really appreciate and admire the aim of this blog. Lately I’ve been getting a little tired of seeing “advice” blogs on WordPress that basically regurgitate the same fashion/dieting/healthy living information you can get from Google News, but this blog fills what I can only assume is a large yet probably often overlooked need. Not to mention that you obviously put a lot of thought, time, and care into your work, which is always appreciated no matter what the subject matter. Wonderful job!

  2. Great blog. I have to echo all onlyfragments comments above.
    I have only just identified myself as asexual but I’m not ‘out’ yet to my family. I am certainly going to subscribe to your blog because it fits my bill perfectly.
    Thank you. :-)

  3. Hi! Thanks very much for your blog! I’m getting ready for a dyke auction here in Ottawa, Canada. It’s a fundraiser for the dyke march during pride. I’m trying out suspenders for the first time. I’ve worn ties plenty…I love your blog!

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